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Admissions for first-cycle, second-cycle and long-cycle master-level studies in English (2021/22) - foreign candidates

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Documents verification - Meeting schedule

| Agnieszka Gawrych

Dear students!


For those of you who didn't send or submit the documents in the Mailbox of Rectorate, we are posting a meeting schedule for the verification of your original documents. Please sign to specific dates with your IRK ID number.

Link to the schedule can be found here:


Have a beautiful day!

NCU Admissions Team

Admission results and information for candidates

| Aleksandra Kowalska

Dear Candidates!

Below, you will find information concerning: the results of admissions as well as further admission steps, and issues connected to preparation to education in Poland. Please, read both general and detailed information very carefully.


1.      The results of the first round of admissions will be available in the IRK system today (Wednesday) on 21st July 2021 from 14.00.

2.      Candidates admitted to more than one course are asked to state their priority choice.

3.      Successful candidates are asked to print the application form and add it to the set of all required documents.

4.      The next step in admissions is presenting the full set of original documents in the department.

5.      Those admitted candidates who are obliged to pay for education are compelled to pay the tuition fee.

6.      Prospective students interested in benefiting from accommodation in the NCU’s Student’s Houses are asked to mark the proper option in the admission system.


1.      Congratulations to all admitted candidates! Candidates who have not earned a place at NCU are welcome to take part in the supplementary round. (Essential details are presented at the university’s website).

2.      Please choose one priority course by 23rd July 2021 12.00. To fulfil this choice, send us a short message via IRK system. We are awaiting messages sent only in this channel.

3.      The application form must be: signed with a handwritten or qualified signature, added to the full set of required documents, and delivered to the Department of Admissions and Student Affairs.

4.      Original documents may be presented in the department by means of 3 ways:

I. sending them to the following university’s address:

Department of Admissions and Student Affairs

Foreign candidates admissions: room 509

11 Gagarina Street

87-100 Toruń


The documents can be sent from 22nd July 2021. We are waiting for them until 24th September 2021. You will be able to collect your documents within time and space frame specified in the future.


II. submitting them in the Mailroom of the NCU’s Rectorate (ground floor) from 22nd July to 24th September 2021. The envelope is supposed to be marked according to the model in point I. The documents will be available for collection analogous to the announcement in point. I.


III. presenting them in person in the Department of Admissions and Student Affairs from 13th to 24th September 2021. To make your preparations easier and reduce the queues we will arrange for you separate meeting slots to choose from.

5.      Tuition fees need to be paid without delay by 30th September 2021. Ministerial certificate of admission to studies (visa document) will be sent to the admitted candidate after:

a. the department’s receiving of the candidate’s original documents and their positive verification, and

b. the university’s receiving of tuition fee payment.

Thank you for your efficiency and diligence in fulfilling all mentioned steps.

6.      Please mark the right option stating your interest in the NCU’s accommodation offer.


We send you the kindest regards!

Department of Admissions and Student Affairs

Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń



Akceptacja zdjęć w systemie rekrutacyjnym

| Mariusz Czerniak

Uprzejmie informujemy, że proces akceptacji zdjęć rozpoczyna się zawsze po ogłoszeniu wyników rekrutacji i dotyczy tylko kandydatów przyjętych na studia.

Zdjęcia zaakceptowane są wykorzystywane do wydruku elektronicznej legitymacji studenckiej/doktoranta.